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.:COM: Gunny Icon:. by Am3h
.:COM: Gunny Icon:.
The second paypal commission for TaintedImagination <3
Sorry this took a while! I've had a week full of overtime, work, drama and vet visits so i've had my hands pretty full ;v;
So sorry for the lack of art! I worked on this as soon as I had a chance eep <33

Gunny: Gunny Reference by TaintedImagination (c) :icontaintedimagination:
Art (c) Me.
If I moved accounts, would you re-watch me?
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1 deviant said No, I was going to unwatch you here anyway.


Journal Entry: Mon Aug 4, 2014, 7:18 AM

Pregnant 19 y/o whore cousin refuses to stop smoking whilst pregnant

She already miscarried once.


Journal Entry: Tue Jul 29, 2014, 10:32 AM

I have seen a whole bunch of journals about this recently, it seems people are lacking common sense.
So, you have a whole bunch of points laying around and want to make a quick buck. Sell them to someone through paypal, right? Or maybe you want to buy points but get a few extra for your money (cheat the system, we could say).. So you want to buy points from a member of deviantart using paypal.

WELL, I would highly recommend AGAINST doing either of these. There actually are rules against doing this in the Terms and Conditions about buying points, if you /look/, kids.
Here is the points page. I'm sure you're all familiar with this, yes?…
Well, click the top right link. "Terms and Conditions". You know what this means, right? The rules you're supposed to read before going ahead with most things on websites? In this instance, buying points. 1 by Am3h

3 by Am3h

So, by buying points, you agree to these Terms and Conditions. That's obvious.

Just in case you've never looked at these Terms..
2 by Am3h

The three most relevant points I want to show you are these;

"deviantPOINTS may be transferred from one member to another member (collectively, a "Transfer" or "Transfers"). A Transfer does not include an exchange for real world currency. "
"Members are expressly prohibited from and may not sell deviantPOINTS for real currency to one another either within or outside of the Site."
"deviantPOINTS cannot be used, Transferred, sold or otherwise traded outside of the Site and any such activity is strictly prohibited."

These all expressly state that you can NOT buy or sell points from other members through Paypal. Just because other members may be doing/attempting to do this, it does NOT mean it is okay!

This is against the rules, and apparently someone needs to point this out to certain members on this website.

Please don't go through with it, guys, you can get ripped off and end up wasting money without getting anything in return. Or you may even send all your hard earned points to someone and end up getting absolutely nothing in return. Even if it were to work out, it's against the rules anyway! (:

You risk being disciplined, may be prohibited from buying points in the future, receiving or even using them at all. That would include the commission widget in which you can convert points to paypal but REMAIN WITHIN THE RULES. This applies to commissions only, of course. Using this to convert already earned points to paypal is also against the rules and will have consequences also.

I have warned a few people about this, but most refuse to listen apparently. Even when I act civil and am simply trying to warn them so they /don't/ get in trouble. I will not refrain from reporting people if I see this happening and they don't heed warnings, though. (: And I encourage you to do the same.

If this carries on then deviantart may decide to take the point system away completely, which includes the point/paypal commission widget. Not to mention it's selfish to try doing such a thing.

If you want points, buy them the proper way. It's not worth the hassle or risk of getting in trouble or ripped off.

Please share or repost this journal! Spread the word aah~

Also, funny story, if you want to see the situation that particularly "inspired" this journal, go look here:

People can be so rude, I was only trying to help, and I just ended up getting blocked, lmao. xD
Sorry if this causes drama but I?? Was trying to be nice. Ah well. (:

.:COM: Gunny Pixel:. by Am3h
.:COM: Gunny Pixel:.
This is a pixel sprite paypal commission for TaintedImagination <3

I hope she turned out okay!

Gunny: Gunny Reference by TaintedImagination (c) :icontaintedimagination:
Art (c) Me.

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